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The VERBUND power plant group Lower Danube is the control body with a firm grip on the reins of our power plant facilities. Securing. Servicing. Maintenance. For energy to flow, people are needed who can keep calm even under pressure. To secure the energy supply as well as shipping operations on the Danube. Let's proceed together!

The VERBUND power plant group Lower Danube is responsible for securing the power plants along the Lower Danube as well as the associated ancillary facilities and external installations (pumping stations, channels, inlet structures, etc.) with six run-of-river power plants and 20 employees per location. In addition to conventional activities, the VERBUND power plant group also coordinates the servicing and maintenance of the locks, in order to keep shipping moving.

“Everywhere else, I’d have learned a single vocation – at VERBUND, I learned two at the same time with the dual apprenticeship.”

“No matter how uncertain the economic situation is: the Danube remains and with it our workplace.”

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thousand ships

pass through the locks at Freudenau power plant every year


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thousand litres

of water shoot through each turbine every second

The VERBUND power plant group Lower Danube is responsible for five different run-of-river power plants and their control centres during floods, with around 20 employees at each location.
The main tasks here include the maintenance and servicing of the power plant facilities as well as daily repairs and associated inspection activities.
In order to optimally reconcile technical plans, budgets, calculations and strategies for the future, there is a separate area that deals with administration. The staff here consult closely with the other workgroups and departments.
On the Danube, shipping is especially worth mentioning. To ensure this, we also take care of the maintenance and servicing of the locks in this power plant group.

In addition to maintaining power plant operation, we also focus on shipping in river areas like the Danube. To safeguard this in addition to the correct management of our power plant facilities, we also rely on the use of our ship locks.
With our work, we therefore offer an all-round green total package of energy and act as pioneers in the field of hydropower plant supply.

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