Accessibility at VERBUND’s Freudenau power plant

The Freudenau power plant is a run-of-river power plant. Parts of the power plant are accessible to visitors. The power plant is in operation and electricity is being generated; please note that we must insist on compliance with certain safety measures.

Safety information

  • Persons with implanted medical devices (pacemaker, insulin pump, etc.) may not take part in the tour, as the electromagnetic fields may influence the functioning of the medical device.
  • Pregnant women are unable to participate in the guided tours.
  • Assistance animals are not allowed.
  • Buggies or prams are not allowed.
  • High-heeled shoes are not allowed.

The elevators are only in operation during the week. At the weekend (Fri.-Sun.), all steps must be navigated without assistance.

Barrier-free access

Getting there and getting in

  • On bicycle, along the Donauinsel (Danube Island).
  • By public transportation: The bus station is right in front of the the power plant.

The visitors’ parking area for the power plant is past the railway underpass. In each case you then take a footbridge to stairs leading downwards. One floor lower is the the entrance to the visitors’ centre. Ground-level access is possible. Please contact the Information Centre staff.

The Information Centre

Here the history of hydropower and the history of power plants are shown with exhibition objects and a model of the power plant. A short film is shown in our own cinema.

In the Information Centre there is a ladies’ and a men’s toilet which are accessible without steps. One floor above, outside the Information Centre, there are further toilet facilities with a handicapped-accessible toilet.

The power plant tour

During the power plant tour you will wear a helmet for your own safety. In the machine hall, the floor is concreted throughout. Daylight serves for lighting, and when necessary, industrial lamps may be used as well. A large freight elevator will bring you down below the turbines. Here it can be wet and loud. You can also walk along below the Danube. To do so, you navigate seven steps with a handrail on one side.

Tour procedure

You will start your tour in the visitors’ centre. Here you find out a lot about electricity generation and transmission. After this you move on to the machine hall and below a turbine. This part of the tour is very loud. The entire tour takes about 90 minutes.