#proceeding – holistically with the heart and mind of the energy company

At VERBUND, the holding is the strategic heart at the centre of VERBUND power plant operations. It’s where we define the VERBUND framework, which is filled with energy and action by our more than 3,000 employees. Our Central European headquarters in Vienna enable us to position ourselves and drive the energy transition forwards on an international basis.

As a holding at VERBUND, we are the heart and mind of the energy firm and holistically coordinate development within the company. The know-how necessary for this is represented in the departments.

"Our expertise in process and specialist themes is recognised beyond the limits of VERBUND. We develop ourselves independently and consistently: in subject depth, processes and personally. We go the extra mile to deliver solutions and results."


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innovation projects

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Task variety

  • Digitalisation, Information Security and IT

  • Corporate Development

  • Corporate Office

  • Corporate Innovation & New Business

  • Controlling, Corporate Accounting and Risk Management

  • Corporate Responsibility

  • Communication

  • Strategic Human Resources Management

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Digitalisation, Information Security and IT

The department for Digitalisation, Information Security and IT in the holding at VERBUND is responsible for all aspects of digitalisation, IT and telecommunication technologies. Whether basic infrastructure, assisting various IT topics or supporting initiatives across the entire VERBUND Group – we move technology projects involving the very latest topics and go all out with one clearly defined vision. IoT, digital power plants and Security Operation Centres are just a few of the interesting keywords out there!

Corporate Development

The Corporate Development department pursues a holistic approach, from analysis and modelling of energy industry dynamics, the development and adaptation of the Group strategy, the identification and acquisition of potential targets to the operational implementation of the strategy and the transformation within the company. With our Strategy 2030, we have set the direction for the long-overdue energy transition: we want to work on new business fields, develop new markets and become active in new regions across the whole of Europe.

Controlling, Corporate Accounting and Risk Management

The area of Controlling, Corporate Accounting and Risk Management in the holding at VERBUND exercises an advisory role within all commercial topics. We thus ensure that the information provided is up to date and uniform. Other of our core tasks include optimising economic efficiency and allocating capital. In their tasks, our experts focus on the principles of future development & value orientation, safeguarding results & planning certainty, as well as a sustainable orientation and customer benefit.

Corporate Office

The Corporate Office in the holding at VERBUND casts light on an evaluates all legal questions to do with the energy industry. In this way, the Executive Board can be advised and decisions taken on a legally sound basis. To this end, the department is arranged into three areas: Corporate Affairs, Legal Affairs, Compliance & Audit. The Corporate Office thus form the “legal” backbone of VERBUND. We ensure a consistent position in respect of all regulatory framework conditions and compliance with the applicable laws.

Corporate Innovation & New Business

At VERBUND, Corporate Innovation & New Business stands for innovations that become visible in the establishment of a regional and global innovation ecosystem. In exciting collaborations, we focus on the future, acting as facilitators, networkers and implementers. Our diverse range of tasks extends from building up a start-up ecosystem, an internal and external Innovation Community, to the founding of corporate start-ups and VERBUND ventures, in which we participate to accelerate the implementation of the energy transition through.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility is becoming an increasingly important subject for companies. It is clear that a company’s responsibility, both inwardly and outwardly, has a lasting impact on the well-being of people and the environment. Corporate Responsibility in the holding at VERBUND is therefore responsible for the further development of our internal sustainability and environmental management system. We take care of aspects including the gathering and calculation of environmental KPIs, implementing sustainability processes and KPIs on sustainability and the preparation of the sustainability reporting of VERBUND.


Our key areas in central communication are:

  • Planning and implementing the communication strategy
  • Brand Advertising / Market Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Content Marketing
  • Public Affairs / Stakeholder Communication
  • Sponsoring activities

Strategic Human Resources Management

Strategic Human Resources Management at VERBUND covers the following areas:

  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Personnel Controlling
  • Contract & Labour Constitutional Law
  • Occupation Benefits Management
  • Generation Management & Diversity
  • Strategic HR Development
  • Recruiting and Personnel Marketing

Contact information

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