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Where exactly does the electricity at the power socket come from? The VERBUND power plants along the Danube alone are responsible for 20% of Austrian electricity production. Those who want a certain future choose VERBUND. With lots of energy and a thirst for action, because shifting to a green future can only happen together.

In the VERBUND power plant group Upper Danube, our employees are responsible for the operational management and maintenance of the 4 large run-of-river power plants along the Danube:

  • Aschach
  • Ottensheim-Wilhering
  • Abwinden-Asten
  • Wallsee-Mitterkirchen

While we have masters in energy and machinery embedded in the power plant, apprentices also play an especially big role with us. They bear a high degree of responsibility from the very outset.
The combination of two apprenticeship vocations, which is unique in Austria, is the optimal basis for finding your way around our power plant operations with the best qualifications.


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of electricity production takes place along the Danube

year-old power plants

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of new apprentices into the VERBUND Group

As the VERBUND hydropower plant group Upper Danube, we manage the power plants as well as all assigned plants within our reach.
Additionally, we develop investment and cost plans and also organise (in addition to the schedule for the standby and shift service) all necessary maintenance, servicing, renovation and expansion projects in close cooperation with the colleagues of other departments.

Power plant projects are long-term projects that mostly build on a years-long plan. In order for these huge power plant structures to carry on working for many years, they need daily checks, regular inspections and ongoing maintenance.
The power plants of the VERBUND power plant Upper Danube were first put into operation between 1964 and 1979. That is why it is important to replace the old machines with new ones and to modernise any outdated equipment.
Together with the VERBUND power plant Lower Danube, the power plants are responsible for one fifth of all electricity produced in Austria.

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