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Sustainable. Green. International. Whether at home or abroad. VERBUND moves, changes, improves and develops. VERBUND Energy4Business is an international service provider and contact partner for our business customers. We set standards where others see limits. Over 1 million transactions highlight the relevance of the green transition. Let's proceed together!

VERBUND Energy4Business takes care of the energy supply for our business customers: from wholesalers and utility companies, from industry to stock markets. And we don’t just provide electricity. VERBUND Energy4Business is a visionary, optimiser, service provider and partner all rolled into one. We develop individual solutions for our customers in the area of energy supply as well as concepts for electromobility and photovoltaics. As an experienced partner, we take a customised approach to implementing a decentralised energy system for tomorrow.

“We are energy-charged - whether in new offices, project processing or the development of new products.”


lines of code for our 5 largest developments

terawatt hours

of energy are optimised and market annually (approx.)


share in the Austrian industrial customer market


charging points should be installed by 2030

Task variety

  • Asset Planning

  • Back Office

  • Controlling & Risk Management

  • Sales & Origination

  • Portfolio Management & Energy Economics

  • Center Battery

  • Center Cooperation Management & New Business

  • Operations

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Asset Planning

The area of Asset Planning at VERBUND Energy4Business is responsible for the utilisation and optimal marketing of the generating output of all VERBUND power plants. Success in this area can be seen in the numbers. Our goal is to achieve the best possible yields with our facilities. Far-sighted trading in energy products and the optimisation of power plant deployments as well as continuous market observation and sophisticated energy data management are the tools for operating the assets as profitably as possible.
Achieving the energy transition by 2030 is a shared objective and requires immense collaboration. We are therefore proceeding together with our long-standing partners and business customers. For this, we use the possibilities of renewable energy. Thanks to our extensive product portfolio, we are able to deal specifically with the needs of our customers in the front and back office. The teams at Energy4Business are carefully selected to find sustainable solutions to individual problems.

Back Office

The back office at VERBUND Energy4Business defines itself exemplarily as the engine room in support of our business customers. We look outside the box and provide support as a problem-solver and assistant – for our customers, colleagues and the group. We implement a wide range of processes, from recording business transactions, daily processing of contracts and billing to payment transactions and project work. Apart from ongoing interdepartmental coordination, we constantly manage the customer portal and cooperate on a large number of projects.

Sales & Origination

In the Sales & Origination department, we buy and sell complex energy products and offer a range of services that focus on sustainable energy solutions. Apart from the Austrian market, VERBUND Energy4Business is also active in a number of selected European countries. Only satisfied customers remain regular customers. That’s why we offer the best possible support, developing suitable delivery agreements and flexibility products. Constant market monitoring and competition analyses help us to be able to offer our customers tailored solutions in the future as well.


The Operations area is the business-related IT department of VERBUND Energy4Business. The people here work closely with the departments in a state of constant dialogue. In Operations, purchased applications are supported and developed on the one hand, while on the other we program applications ourselves and manage their operation. Information security and data protection tasks belong, among others, to the challenges of the future. We face up to these in a targeted way and rely on the highest standards and quality.

Photovoltaics & E-Mobility

Portfolio managers at VERBUND Energy4Business market the green energy that is generated by our daily work. The sale of environmental certificates is flawlessly managed by our team. The focus here in on the goal of energy independence. In order for us to make the energy transition a reality, we at VERBUND are increasingly relying on wind power and photovoltaic facilities. For example, we are developing green alternatives for the future of the energy market.

Portfolio Management & Energy Economics

The tasks of the Portfolio Management & Energy Economics department include hedging, asset and industrial customer portfolio management, green electricity issues, quantitative analysis questions and product management. As portfolio managers at VERBUND Energy4Business, we take care of the medium to long-term marketing (hedging) of the generated energy, coordinate procurement, manage generation and requirement portfolios and intensify product development, especially in the green electricity segment.

Center Battery

With large battery stores in Germany, VERBUND is positioning itself as a strong partner for German distribution grid operators. Our grid services in the Centre Battery department help to economically stabilise the distribution grid and to integrate renewable energies. In addition, we support the growing activities in the area of e-mobility at Energy4Business. The future of modular electricity stores has only just begun, and in combination with the rising number of electric cars, enormous potential exists for smart solutions for the temporary storage of energy.

Center Cooperation Management & New Business

In the Centre Cooperation Management & New Business department at VERBUND Energy4Business, we devote ourselves to the product development of different charging solutions. VERBUND Business Charging provides fleet managers with an electromobility solution including reporting system that benefits their own fleet, private cars of employees, customers and suppliers. We also have something big in store for garage operators and property developers with VERBUND Property Charging. As one of the big players, we want to be driving electromobility forwards around the world with over 150,000 charging points in 2030.

Controlling & Risk Management

The Controlling & Risk Management department at VERBUND Energy4Business is responsible for identifying risks and opportunities on the energy market. This is done by means of intensive analyses of existing corporate figures and accounting competence. As an important hub for the holding at VERBUND, strategies are determined and recommendations defined here, which are reflected across the entire company. Only efficient analyses allow the creation of scenarios that enable VERBUND to look to the future. It’s the only way the energy transition can already be shaped today.

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