#proceeding – sustainable energy from wind and sun

Rethinking renewable energy. VERBUND Green Power has accepted this challenge. VERBUND builds international bridges to let energy concepts grow. When passion meets action then VERBUND is right out there in the lead. Breathe fresh air and let the energy flow together. No matter whether with the help of wind power or photovoltaic systems. Let's proceed together!

Within VERBUND, VERBUND Green Power has made it its task to actively improve the future with renewable energies and to do its bit for the energy transition. The primary goal is therefore the expansion and increased use of photovoltaics and wind power.

“I know that what I do today can have an impact that lasts for years.”

VERBUND Green Power is the energy bundle at VERBUND and carries out a variety of activities for the expansion of renewable energies. The main tasks at VERBUND Green Power include imparting the know-how necessary for proceeding internationally with renewable energy. In this respect, we also act like a start-up with the backing of the VERBUND Group. This spirit, these ambitions, a high degree of flexibility and the unconditional will to change something together – that’s what defines us.


deliver new approaches to renewable energy

wind and pv-parks

 are operated in AT, DE, RO and ES.

GW / GWp

is the capacity of our wind- and PV-parks.

Task variety

  • Project Aquisition & Project Development

  • Technical Department & Project Management

  • Asset Management, Operation Monitoring & Maintenance

  • Business Steering & Business Development

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The construction of new photovoltaic facilities and wind park projects demands high-level skills. Here at VERBUND Green Power, we put all our energy into renewable projects to achieve our goal of the energy transition. Together with land owners, authorities, experts and other partners, we are increasingly opting for a green future.

Project Aquisition & Project Development

In the area of Project Acquisition & Project Development at VERBUND Green Power, we develop wind or photovoltaic projects from idea to construction readiness. In doing so, we serve the entire value chain around the green energy supply: from planning to construction and operational management including maintenance/servicing. We have to become independent from fuel imports. With new wind power and PV facilities, we will allow the use of fossil energy sources to dwindle in the long term.

Technical Department & Project Management

In the Technical Department, we are responsible for the project management of photovoltaic and wind projects. Alongside, the Project Management area takes care of coordinating green new-build and repowering projects. Given the scale of our projects at VERBUND Green Power, careful project management and extraordinary teamwork are essential. Because we always believe in the goodness of tomorrow, we also ensure that costs remain limited, deadlines adhered to and that the quality of what we do is right.

Asset Management, Operation Monitoring & Maintenance

The Asset Management, Operation Monitoring & Maintenance department at VERBUND Green Power acts as a technical point of contact and ensures the supply of our wind and PV facilities in outages and emergencies. In this area, we are responsible for implementing, monitoring and controlling the maintenance of facilities. Wind power and photovoltaics have long since ceased to be models of the future, but have already arrived in the here and now. What we do is provide an environmentally sound basis for the generations to come.

Business Steering & Business Development

The area of Business Steering & Business Development is tasked with the commercial control and development of VERBUND Green Power and projects. What matters here is the holistic development of green energy through the construction of wind power and photovoltaic systems. In the area of Business Development, we act as a service point for the technicians and cooperation partners who develop our projects with us. From market analysis, through lobbying to commercial administration, we carry out all project-relevant processes.

Contact information

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