Welcome to the Danube power plant Wien-Freudenau

Go on a tour of the power plant tour take a peek behind the scenes of electricity generation.

Visit us at the Freudenau power plant plant and experience an exciting 90-minute look behind the scenes of electricity generation. The story of hydropower and of the power plant itself is told in the information centre, which has a cinema, various objects on display and a large power plant model.

  • Fixed tour times: every Sunday and public holiday at 2:00 pm and every 2nd and 4th Sunday in the month at 10:00 am for families and very small groups.
  • Information and written registration: at least 48 hours before the preferred time: stromhaus@verbund.com
 Price normal 


with the Kinderaktiv card of wienXtra 

 Adults   €7.80   €4.80
 School children   €3.90   €3.00
  • Guided tour by arrangement: Monday to Sunday, between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm
Price  normal 
 Adults   €7.80 
 Schoolchildren   €3.90

(at least, however, €78 or €39 for small groups of up to 10 people or schoolchildren respectively)

  • Holders of a disabled person's pass will receive a 50% discount.
  • All prices inclusive of VAT The fee for the tour is to be paid in cash on site
  • Written registration: at least 48 hours before the preferred time: E stromhaus@verbund.com.
  • Your contact data will be saved for processing the registration and for statistical purposes. A list of the names of all participants must be brought along on group tours
  • Maximum group size: 25 people (larger groups will be split, up to 3 groups at the same time possible).
  • Photos may be taken for private purposes; film and sound recordings only with the written consent of VERBUND.
  • Participation in guided tours is not permitted for pregnant women, people with pacemakers and other implanted electronic medical devices or for people with a fever or symptoms of a flu-like illness. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please take care of your own health and that of others. Take personal precautions to protect your health!

    E stromhaus@verbund.com


3D experience at Danube power plant Freudenau

Visitor with 3D glasses
With the VERBUND app, the smartphone becomes a pair of 3D glasses.

Discover the secrets behind the power plant walls with our 3D app. With the free VERBUND app, your smartphone becomes a pair of 3D glasses. On a virtual tour of the power plant, you can explore the invisible parts of the power plant that lie behind thick concrete walls or under the Danube.

You can get the glasses you need for this from us at the power plant.

Location and how to get there

To the route planner

Arrival by bus: 79A

Bus route 79A stops at the "Power plant Freudenau" station. Please note the timetable.

Bus timetable 79A
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Image from the Location