Prudent and reliable: handling our financial resources.

Our employees have extensive commercial functions with high individual responsibility.

These colleagues are accustomed to working in a timely manner and with great precision. In addition to the everyday business tasks, this is the base from which interesting projects are supported: restructuring, fusions, founding companies, or the integration of German companies and wind farms in SAP.

In the commercial department, we operate in compliance with various regulations (including compliance rules), laws and directives. Many of these change repeatedly, so that continuous training is necessary. We supply these needs for the most part by means of our internal training programme.

Experts work for us in the following commercial functions:


Here the Group key performance indicators are compiled, analysed and developed, and prepared as decision-making tools for the management. Our controllers plan, verify and coordinate business processes, company ratings and various analyses, and prepare reports about them.

Risk Management:

Our risk managers examine contracts from a risk perspective. They issue credit limits and oversee compliance with them. They carry out end-of-day processes, pre-checks and key figure calculations and check the daily reporting against the rulebook.

Finance Managers:

The experts in this area take on the corporate bank transactions as well as the domestic and foreign bank account management. They handle money market transactions, conclude account-opening contracts, look after liquidity planning, assess derivatives, and enter into derivative transactions.

Fixed-asset accounting:

This is where you'll find classical accounting, characterised by independent work in accordance with prescribed legal and intra-group rules.


All kinds of incoming invoices are processed here according to business, fiscal and intra-group rules.


The external and internal cost allocations and sales are processed by our auditors according to predetermined rules.


In this field of work, central functions for certain business areas of other subsidiaries are carried out. The colleagues are responsible for the company-specific implementation of all main processes – independently while adhering to the predefined regulations.

Other specialist fields:

  • Tax administration
  • Banking and transactions