The Enns River

At 254 km length, the Enns, which has its source in the Radstätter Tauern mountains and flows into the Danube near Enns, is the longest river entirely within Austria.

The Enns, a 254 km long southern tributary of the Danube and the main river in northwest Styria, is a typical whitewater river of the northern Eastern Alps and has the fifth-largest catchment area in Austria (6080 km2).

Hydropower plants on the Enns

The Enns water is used in multiple ways: in the upper reaches, the Enns supplies water for storage power plants, and in the lower Enns valley, the Ennskraftwerke AG (with a 50% VERBUND share) constructed ten run-of-river power plants (Schoenau, Weyer, Grossraming, Losenstein, Ternberg, Rosenau, Garsten-St. Ulrich, Staning, Mühlrading and St. Pantaleon).