Motorcycle blessing on the Kölnbreinsperre

Every year at the beginning of July, bikers from across Austria meet on the country’s highest dam wall to receive the blessing for the motorcycle season.

24th Motorcycle Blessing | 6 July 2024

Bike the dam! The 24th VERBUND Motorcycle Blessing will take place on the Kölnbreinsperre on 6 July 2024 at 2:00 pm. Bikers are allowed to park on the dam crest on this day and receive the blessing for the 2024 motorcycle season. Plan a day trip, receive a blessing and round off a great bike excursion in the panorama restaurant Hochalm-Berghotel Malta with live music and good food. We look forward to your visit!


Berghotel Malta VERBUND Tourismus GmbH

Office, Carinthia

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What awaits you?

  • Reduced toll for BIKERS -50%
  • Live music and culinary delights at the Berghotel Malta
  • Lineup of the bikes on the Kölnbrein dam wall
  • Blessing for the 2024 motorcycle season

Between motors and the force of nature

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