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Storms. Floods. Crisis situations. The VERBUND power plant group Drava masters all of this, thus securing 60% of total electricity consumption in Carinthia. We are driving the green future forwards with lots of energy and our thirst for action.

The VERBUND power plant group Malta-Reißeck is the most powerful power plant group in Austria and employs 80 people, who work to ensure the security of supply through the storage power plants.

“By belonging to the company fire brigade/avalanche committee, I actively contribute to the safety of my workplace and to the secure energy supply in Austria.”

Percent success rate

for all apprenticeship qualifications since 2009

Skilled workers

have been trained in Kaprun alone since 1948

Million kWh/year

are generated by the Malta power plant group

The main activities in the power plant group include inspections as well as servicing and maintenance tasks at the individual power plants. To this end, we analyse environmental impacts, optimise and repair machines and are equipped with our own fire brigade and avalanche committee to handle every situation.
As we have to guarantee the energy supply for thousands of households, our standby service is an important part of our success. Working in shifts, we are alerted about emergencies and see to it that we reach our power plants as quickly as possible. It is also possible that large distances also have to be covered on foot.

The Malta-Reißeck power plant group is one of the most powerful in Austria. Making it all the more important to service the machinery and, when malfunctions happen, to respond quickly in order to continue covering demand and ensuring certainty for the population.

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