Demonstration turbine at Pernegg power plant on the Mur River

During your visit to the demonstration turbine in Pernegg on the Mur River, you can inspect a historic machine unit and experience the fascinating Technology of the 1920's.

The demonstration turbine at Pernegg

Visit the unique demonstration turbine in Pernegg an der Mur. In a sunlight-bathed glass construction, we show you a complete historic Voith-Francis turbine set with a Siemens-Schuckert alternator.

Austria's first turbine museum

In a light-flooded exhibition building near the Pernegg powerhouse, one of the three original machine sets from the power plant can be viewed as a demonstration turbine. The turbine museum breathes the spirit of domestic workmanship and a technical pioneering spirit that electrified Styria back then. During your tour you will experience what even today are amazing dimensions of the facility above and below ground. What is normally hidden by the waters of the Mur River, you can access during the tour easily and without getting wet.

At the time of its commissioning in 1928, the Styrian power plant Pernegg with its three machine sets was Austria’s most powerful run-of-river power plant. Today, in addition to the demonstration turbine, three modern Kaplan turbines are in use and generate electricity for 35,000 Styrian households.

Tours of the turbine museum

Office of the Styrian Plant Group

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The demonstration turbine at Pernegg

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The demonstration turbine at Pernegg

  • Demonstration turbine at Pernegg, guide apparatus

    Inside the demonstration turbine

  • Demonstration turbine at Pernegg in the twilight

    The demonstration turbine on the Mur River

  • Demonstration turbine at Pernegg, power plant facade

    Power plant Pernegg an der Mur

  • Demonstration turbine at Pernegg: turbine museum

    Turbine museum with demonstration turbine

  • Demonstration turbine at Pernegg

    The demonstration turbine viewed from above

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