Events around the Kölnbrein reservoir

The events at the Kölnbreinsperre are something very special, if only for the impressive backdrop. Mountain fans, families or experience-seekers – everyone gets their money’s worth at the Kölnbreinsperre.

Measures for preventing the spread of COVID-19 at our excursion destinations
The rules for preventing COVID-19 apply at the VERBUND excursion destinations. In particular, we ask our guests to follow the rules on social distancing and – where required – to wear a mask (e.g. in enclosed rooms). Where possible, we will support you in keeping the rules – please also help us with this. The situation makes it necessary to adjust procedures, activities and products. We are doing our best to create an optimal visitor experience and apologise in advance if some of the products are not available in the usual form. The announcements and events can only take place if they can be implemented on a legal and organisational basis.

Motorcycle blessing at Kölnbreinsperre

02.07.2022 | 22nd Motorcycle Blessing

Bike the dam!  A bike tour through the valley of crashing water, along the Malta High Alpine Road up to 1,920 metres above sea level straight to the crest of the 200 metre-high Kölnbreinsperre dam! Receive a blessing and enjoy the view....

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1...bungee jumping

Bungee jumping on the Kölnbreinsperre

On 4 days each year, daring bungee jumpers are allowed to jump from Austria's highest dam to a depth of around 165 metres. 

Dates Date  From  To 
 Saturday  06 August 2022  10:00 am   05:00 pm
 Sunday  07 August 2022  09:00 am   05:00 pm
 Saturday  13 August 2022  10:00 am  05:00 pm
 Sunday  14 August 2022  09:00 am  05:00 pm


The organiser reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event due to poor weather or strong winds.

18.09.2022 | Hiking autumn

  • Information Hohe Tauern National Park
  • 50% toll discount for the Malta High Alpine Road
  • guided tour up the Arlhöhe with a national park ranger

Meeting point – hike, at 9:00 am in front of the shop in the Berghotel Malta

Participation in the hike only with prior registration by calling tel. 050313 | 39130

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daily | Dam wall tour

Deep into the interior of Austria’s biggest dam

A tour of the dam gives you the opportunity to learn more about electricity generation and to explore the inside of the dam. 
The guided tours are held daily from 9 am to 4 pm and last about an hour. The meeting place is right outside the shop in the Berghotel Malta.

Viewing platform Airwalk Kölnbrein

daily | Airwalk

A slightly different kind of high-altitude adrenaline rush

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity: standing on a glass surface, with an unimpeded view 200 metres down into the bare abyss and all around a breathtaking view of the high alpine landscape of the Hohe Tauern.

Only on the Airwalk can you experience the architecture of the Kölnbrein dam in all its facets: when the wall arches over your head and the massive body of 2 million m³ of concrete spreads out in front of you – which, by the way, has almost the same volume as the Great Pyramid of Giza (2.6 million m³).