A blend of nature and technology

An overview of the visitor attractions and information centres belonging to VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company.

A Blend of Nature and Technology

The individual reservoirs are situated like fjords in the Austrian high mountain regions. These are technological masterpieces that have countered the challenges involved in building the dams and not only supply power, but also offer touristic highlights. VERBUND, the largest domestic producer of electricity from hydropower, offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of electricity generation at its excursion destinations. Whether visitor centres on the Danube or the Mur, or the large facilities in the Alps. We capitalise on the perfect blend of technology, nature and hydropower.


Knowledge Transfer Meets Adventure

With all of VERBUND's tourist offerings, the focus is on knowledge transfer in the form of a range of guided tours. Whether run-of-river power plants or the large pumped storage power plants in the Alps. Take a look behind the scenes of the largest hydropower electricity producer in Austria and Bavaria and have fun learning interesting facts about our present and former electricity generation.



Schlegeis Alpenstrasse
9/9/2018 Schlegeis Alpine Road

Make the most of the autumn weather and visit the mountain huts all around the Schlegeis reservoir. Culinary pleasures and a unique hiking experience in the Zillertaler Alps. On this Sunday and on the 16th of September, the Schlegeis Alpine Road will be accessible at a 50% discount.

Tourismus VERBUND
9/9/2018 Malta Hochalmstrasse

Off to the high mountain region and to Austria's highest dam! A day marked by experiences, electromobility and adventure.

  • 50 % discount on the toll charge for cars and motorcycles
  • E-cars free
  • Free toll with "Kärnten Card"
  • Free dam tours
  • Film presentation - construction of pumped storage power plant Reisseck 2
  • Experience nature - Upper Tauern National Park ranger
  • VERBUND electricity contest (electricity usage check)
  • Alpinsport Koller, canyoning, climbing, rafting
  • Children's programme
  • Live music with "Half Past" at Berghotel Malta
Kölnbreinsperre Adventure Day

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Knowledge transfer

Lizzy's electricity school

Have fun while learning all about energy and hydropower. Pedagogically designed teaching materials or exciting physics experiments to try at home. Go on a science trip with Lizzy.

Electricity school