Operation and Security Center Hydro

OSC HYDRO – 24h central control room for controlling VERBUND hydropower in Austria and Germany.

Our goal is to permanently ensure the operational safety of our facilities and electricity generation for the population and businesses.

In future, OSC HYDRO should also serve as a central communication point for inquiries, security services and contact with authorities.

We are part of the critical infrastructure. The security of supply or ensuring the supply is therefore a central task of a control room. 

The decision to have a central control room is based on different underlying conditions, such as, for example, climate change, the expansion of wind and solar power, floods, as well as new risks like cyber crime, etc. This present new challenges to VERBUND a the operator of important services of the critical “hydropower plant” infrastructure.

A single mouse click can, for example, set a 400-tonne machine in motion in the Aschach power plant, which then lets up to 650 m³ of water per second shoot through the turbine. Everyone in the team is aware how important their work is for being able to provide over 40% of the electricity requirement for Austria and for over 2 million in households in Bavaria in the future.


Power plant groups

controlled by the area OSC HYDRO


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Power plants

controlled by the area OSC HYDRO

Machine sets

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Operator central control center at Pernegg

Central Control Room Operator

38.5 hours shift service - around the clock, 24/7 and 365 days a year. 

We want to offer our employees the best possible workplace. That also means that we develop the shift model together with the Works Council in accordance with occupational health recommendations.

In order to ensure optimal advance planning, the shift pattern repeats every 6 weeks. Apart from times spent working on shift, there are also office times when normal working hours apply. This results in the ability to plan work and leisure time over the long term. 

With OSC Hydro, we are building up a control room that can be reached around the clock, where coordinators, operators and schedulers ensure electricity generation both in normal operation and in crisis situations.

To shape the working conditions as well as possible, we work with state-of-the-art, technical innovations.

The pioneering, high-performance HMI (Human Machine Interface) developed by VERBUND supports the operator within milliseconds to make a clear and unambiguous decision. 

With OSC Hydro, we are setting new standards across Europe.

Workplace: long-term in Pernegg, induction at one of the 6 existing central control rooms in Austria

How well do you match us? 

  • One of your strengths is solution-based thinking and the ability to take responsibility for up to 54 power plants. 
  • Structured, direct and clear communication in crisis mode is essential for the success of your work. 
  • You are also able to keep a cool head under pressure, in order to take important decisions on your own. 
  • Despite unforeseeable situations, you are in a position to quickly react to changes like changing weather and emergencies, and to take the right action when things get serious.
  • Your shift pattern will favour how you shape your life and free time.

Details on the position of Central Control Room Operator

  • In your everyday life, you are the interface between VERBUND power plants, grid operator and power trading.
  • You will check up to 54 power plants for malfunctions and initiate the necessary measures.
  • You will be responsible for the permanent monitoring and controlling of power plants, all machinery, weirs, switchgear as well as all system parts and operating equipment.
  • You will observe the inflows from tributaries and rivers and thus ensure the management of the reservoirs.
  • You will collaborate with various grid operators and carry out switching procedures together at high-voltage level. 
  • In addition, you will be in direct exchange with the primary load distributors in the Austrian and German power supply grid.

Offers & benefits

  • Collaborating on the design and operation of the most modern control room in Austrian.
  • A structured induction phase and numerous benefits
  • A crisis-proof position and the possibility to jointly shape your work environment
  • The chance to develop yourself within your position
  • An extensive internal training programme and annual performance appraisal
  • An expense allowance for the duration of the stay at the external location and support in finding somewhere to live. 
  • We invest in our employees. For life. You therefore have the possibility to take out supplemental health insurance for yourself and for family members. VERBUND pays a company subsidy (non-cash benefit) towards the premiums for this insurance. In case of illness, lost earnings are covered by our loss of earnings insurance – so that you can recover in peace without having to worry about day-to-day concerns.
  • VERBUND offers its employees an occupational old age provision scheme as a supplement to the state pension. You pay at least matches that shown in the job advertisement is increased based on qualifications and experience. Having completed the training as an operator (incl. switching authorisation test), you will be remunerated pursuant to BG 9 of the EVU collective agreement. Naturally, supplements will apply to night shifts and weekends.

Induction / training

In your 6 to 18-month induction you will be trained by our experts and specialists in the following areas: 

  • High-voltage equipment
  • Operation of hydropower plants
  • Power plant equipment (mechanical engineering, turbines, generators, ancillary systems, pumps, etc.) 
  • Hydrology
  • Structure monitoring 
  • Hydraulic headraces
  • Flood management
  • Operation of reservoirs (timetable management, etc.)
  • Provision of grid services (support of the grid operator)

Feel free to contact us:

Roland Ortner, coordinaton of OSC HYDRO Roland Ortner

Coordination of OSC HYDRO

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Philipp Nuspl


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