Malta Main Stage Pumped Storage Power Plant

The Malta Main Stage pumped storage power plant in Rottau is the core element of the Malta-Reisseck power plant group. The three-stage power plant group was constructed from 1971 to 1979.

“The valley of falling water”, as the Maltatal valley is also called, supplies the Malta main stage pumped storage power plant in the Mölltal valley in Carinthia with the precious water.

A network of reservoirs (Kölnbrein, Galgenbichl, Gößkar, Großer See and Kleine Mühldorfer See, as well as several small lakes on the Reißeck plateau) together with the pumped storage and storage power plants of the Malta group ensure that the region has a secure supply of electricity generated entirely from hydropower. With 730 MW, the Malta main stage pumped storage power plant is the most powerful. 

The fascination of hydropower

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