Mellach Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plant

VERBUND's Mellach combined cycle gas turbine power plant is a highly efficient thermal power plant located in the municipality of Mellach south of Graz in Styria.

The VERBUND district heating power plant in Mellach

Ready to spring into action when sun and wind plants

drop out due to the weather.

Overall efficiency

has the gas-fired combined power plant



In operation since 2012



Certified in accordance with ISO14001

The highly efficient thermal power plant has been in operation since 2012. The thermal power plant is noted for its low specific emissions (360 t CO2/GWh) and is primarily used when the weather prevents the use of wind power plants and photovoltaic systems. Two machine sets, each consisting of a gas turbine and a downstream steam boiler with steam turbine, generate 832 MW of electrical energy. This delivers an overall efficiency of 59%. In addition, up to 400 MW of district heating can be supplied to the city of Graz via district heating extraction.  
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Image from the Location

Owner VERBUND Thermal Power GmbH & Co KG
Operator VERBUND Thermal Power GmbH & Co KG
Commissioning 2011
Type Thermal power plant
Country Austria
Region Styria
Output 832 MW
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Ecology & environmental protection

The highly efficient combined cycle gas turbine power plant at Mellach is certified according to EMAS and ISO 14001, as is the Mellach district heating power plant, which is in the same location.
Responsible treatment of the environment
The power plant consists of the machine and boiler house in one building block, a gas control station, switchgear and several buildings for the supply of cooling water (inlet structure, pump house, lines and cooling towers on the right bank of the Mur).

The power plant consists of two lines, machine sets. Line 1 has an output of 421 MW and line 2 an output of 417 MW.

The gas supply of CCGT Mellach is guaranteed via the "Südschiene" (gas pipeline), while the generated electrical energy is transported away via the Styria line.