St. Martin Storage Power Plant

VERBUND's St. Martin power plant is a storage power plant situated in the municipality of St. Martin am Wöllmissberg in Styria. It was constructed from 1964 until 1965.

Technical Description 

The St. Martin underground hydroelectric power station has a total capacity of 9,800 kW and went into operation in 1965. In the power station cavern there is one machine unit with horizontal shaft comprising a Kaplan turbine and an asynchronous generator.

Hierzmann Annual Storage Reservoir

The Hierzmann annual storage reservoir was built from 1947 to 1950 and has significantly improved the storage capacity of the Teigitsch group. The maximum operating level of the storage reservoir is 708 m, with a net capacity of 7.1 million m3. The storage reservoir is sealed off by a 58.6 m high arched wall and is the highest of its kind in Styria. 

The works water conductor is made up of a 985 m long headrace tunnel, a water lock and a 121 m long armoured pressure shaft.

Technical Data:

Owner: VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH
Operating company: VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH
Beginning of operation: 1965
Type:  Storage 
Country, State:  Austria, Styria 
9.8 MW 
Annual generation: 14,867.6 MWh  
Fish bypass: no