Lower Tuxbach project

Together with Stadtwerke Schwaz, VERBUND is planning optimised usage of the Lower Tuxbach and construction of a new small hydropower plant in the Zillertal Valley.

Spatenstich für das Projekt Unterer Tuxbach

Beim Spatenstich am Unteren Tuxbach dabei (v.l.n.r.): Heinz Nyvelt (Werksgruppenleiter, VERBUND), Marco Fiegl (Projektleiter, VERBUND), Karl Heinz Gruber (GF, VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH), Simon Grubauer (Bgm, Tux), Günther Rabensteiner (Vorstandsmitglied, VERBUND AG), Monika Wechselberger (Bgm, Mayrhofen), Josef Geisler (LH-Stv, Land Tirol), Andreas Kröll (Bgm, Finkenberg), Hans Lintner (Bgm, Schwaz), Helmut Mainusch (GF, Stadtwerke Schwaz GmbH), Michael Amerer (GF, VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH)

VERBUND is planning optimised usage of the Unterer Tuxbach River and construction of a new small power plant in the Zillertal Valley in cooperation with Stadtwerke Schwaz.

In 2019, the water rights licence for the 90 year old VERBUND power plant Bösdornau in the Zillertal Valley will expire. Therefore VERBUND is already now setting a course for optimised, modern usage of the Unterer (lower) Tuxbach River – in partnership with Stadtwerke Schwaz.
In the future, water from the Unterer Tuxbach will drive the turbines in the Mayrhofen power plant. Directing the water to the existing Stillup reservoir will get the most out of its power with state-of-the-art technology. In addition, the gradient between the Unterer Tuxbach River and the Stillup reservoir will be used to generate clean electricity from hydropower in a new small power plant.

Approval will take place in the form of several proceedings addressing individual subject areas such as nature protection, water law and electricity law. The project can only be implemented when all partial proceedings have come to a positive conclusion.

Unterer Tuxbach River project folder

Summer 2017 at the Lower Tuxbach tunnel construction site

The central element of the Lower Tuxbach project, which is being implemented in the Zillertal Valley in collaboration with Stadtwerke Schwaz, is an 8.6 km long connecting tunnel between the lower Tuxbach stream and the Stillup reservoir. Over the course of the last months, by means of blasting, the conditions were created for use of a tunnel boring machine. Its use was launched with a little ceremony in front of the tunnel portal, to express the hope of successful and especially of accident-free construction. The tunnel boring machine will first advance the tunnel starting from Karlsbach in the direction of Tuxbach. Then the machine will be withdrawn from the mountain and will create the connection between Karlsteg and the Stillup reservoir.