Arnstein Storage Power Plant

The VERBUND Arnstein power plant is a storage power plant in the Teigitsch rift valley close to Gaisfeld near Krottendorf in Styria.

Hidden in the idyllic Teigitschgraben, the Arnstein power plant, built in the 1920s, exudes a romantic charm. The Arnstein power plant also offers guided tours for interested groups and the “Arnstein Learning Garden”, an initiative of the Steiermark Energy Forum and the VERBUND Electricity School.

The VERBUND power plants in Styria

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Image from the Location

Owner VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH
Operator VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH
Commissioning 1925
Type Storage power plant
Country Austria
Region Styria
Waters Teigitsch, Mur
Output 30 MW
Annual output 49,146 MWh
Turbine Francis
Connectivity No fish bypass
Ecology & environmental protection

The entire plant group of the Styrian hydropower plants has been awarded the environmental certificate ISO 14001. The power plants on the rivers Mur and Enns not only fulfil the statutory requirements but also focus on high environmental standards and technical innovations. The goal is the efficient use of hydropower and the balance between economy and ecology. The effectiveness and benefit of the environmental management system are mainly the responsibility of our employees, who undergo constant training and development in this area.

Responsible treatment of the environment
Fish bypass

The Arnstein annual storage power plant with the Langmann reservoir was built between 1922 and 1925. 

The Langmann reservoir has a capacity of 0.152 million m3 and a final level at a height of 630.5 metres. The reservoir is dammed by a 26 metre-high gravity wall. The headrace comprises the 5.25 km-long pressure tunnel, the surge chamber and the two 690 metre-long armoured pressure pipelines.

Turbines and generators: Three horizontally installed Francis turbines have a nominal power output of 10,000 kW at a nominal flow rate of 5.5 m³/sec. The turbines are connected to three 13,000 kVa three-phase current generators via a continuous axis. 

Transformers: Each machine is connected to a machine transformer. The generator electricity is fed into the SF6 switchgear at 110 kV and then transferred to STEWEAG.

Hydro consulting from VERBUND