Enns Run-of-River Power Plant

The Enns power plant is located on the eponymous Enns River, in the middle of the town of Enns in Upper Austria.

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Environmental protection at VERBUND

Ecology & environmental protection

In 2015, the Enns power plant was made passable by means of a fish bypass. The plant is designed as a fishway with a modular construction and consists of:
•a berm-like tailwater ramp 
•a tailwater entrance parallel to the turbine stream
•a technical vertical slot pass
•a natural pass
•an upstream feed structure 
The fish bypass with the technical section and the natural pass is about 250 metres long. The maximum height difference to be overcome is 5.2 metres.
In addition to providing continuity, this type of construction also creates important habitat elements for river systems such as spawning grounds, juvenile fish habitats and valuable habitats for microorganisms.
Responsible treatment of the environment