Run-of-River Power Plant Jettenbach II

The VERBUND power plant in Jettenbach is a dam on the Jettenbach and is located in the municipality of the same name in Upper Bavaria.

Technical Description 

The Jettenbach II power plant was completed and opened in 2004 on the right bank of the river Inn, near the Jettenbach I power plant. This plant is the first weir construction on the Bavarian section of the river Inn. Two PIT bulb turbines, with an output of 5 MW generate an average annual output of around 29 GWh. In this way they dispense 35 to 50 m3/s of residual water into the original riverbed. Additionally, there is also currently a fish ladder being planned.

Technical Data:

Owner: VERBUND Innkraftwerke GmbH
Operating company: VERBUND Innkraftwerke GmbH
Beginning of operation: 2004
Type:  Run-of-river
Country, State: Germany, Bavaria
Waters: Inn
Capacity: 5 MW
Annual generation: 29.100 MWh
Turbines: Kaplan (2)
Fish bypass: yes

Cross-section of the power plant:

VERBUND-Kraftwerk Jettenbach 2 Querschnitt
Cross-section of the Jettenbach II power plant