Malta Upper Stage Pumped Storage Power Plant

VERBUND's power plant at Malta, upper stage, is a pumped storage power plant and situated in the town of Brandstatt in the municipality of Malta in Carinthia. It was constructed from 1974 until 1977 with co-financing from Kelag and Energie AG.

Technical Description 

Galgenbichl power station comes just before the downstream base of the fill type embankment of Galgenbichl. In the power station there are two machine units with vertical shafts and an installed nominal output of altogether 120 MW, which are each made up of one pump turbine and a pole-changeable motor generator. 

Kölnbrein Reservoir

The maximum operating level of the annual storage reservoir, with a net capacity of 200 million m3, is 1902 m. The Kölnbrein dam has a double-curved, high-arched dam and makes up the sealing structure of the reservoir. At a height of 200 m, it is not only the highest valley dam in Austria, but also one of the highest arched dams in Europe. The reservoir has such dimensions, so that it can be filled with around 50 % of water inflow during the summer months of the year. Pumping operations make sure further filling takes place. 

Technical data:

Owner: VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH
Operating company: VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH                                 
Beginning of operation: 1979
Type:  Pumped Storage
Country, State: Austria, Carinthia
Waters: Malta
Capacity: 120 MW
Annual generation: 37.870,1 MWh
Turbines: Francis (2)
Fish Bypass: no