Renovation of the Töging power plant on the Inn River

VERBUND is planning to renovate the hydropower plant Töging-Jettenbach. In the future, the facility will be able to provide about 200,000 households with clean domestic electricity.

Man in the kitchen

200,000 households

supplies the power plant after the refurbishment

Environmentally friendly

520,045 avoided
tonnes of CO2*


Under construction

New construction in preparation

Architecture and ecology

The project currently being applied for provides for an increase in the dam’s final level and a new powerhouse next to the existing power plant. The impressive, heritage-listed structure of the old power plant will remain and the new building will be integrated into the existing architecture. The capacity of the current power plant will be increased by almost 20% as a result of the new construction and will thus supply even more valuable green electricity for the region. The environment will not be neglected either: extensive accompanying ecological measures are intended to protect existing habitats and improve the living conditions they offer.

The shell of the power plant

The design of the façade by Format Elf architects from Töging was also presented, how the new power plant building is functionally integrated into the surrounding terrain and how it enhances the view of the heritage-listed powerhouse, which dates to the 1920s. According to the architects of Format Elf, the new power plant generates more electricity without being visible.

Project milestone: Early measures allowed

The Töging-Jettenbach Renewal Project has been submitted to Mühldorf District Office for approval. The approval procedure is still ongoing. However, the authority has established that the proceedings have not revealed any aspects that would prevent the positive completion of the application. This was established by notice, thereby creating the possibility to bring selected measures forwards. More in our press release.

Project consultations in May
Project manager Bernhard Gerauer and his team are regularly in Töging or Jettenbach to answer any questions and for a personal discussion about the Töging-Jettenbach power plant renovation project. A project consultation will be held in the project office in Töging (Werkstrasse 2, Töging am Inn) on Tuesday, 7 May 2019 from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm.


Milestone in the refurbishment project of the Jettenbach-Töging power plant: positive approval decision

VERBUND Innkraftwerke was able to make an early start on measures for implementing the project back in the autumn of 2018. In addition to the construction of pit seals and preparatory work at the Jettenbach weir and in Töging itself, work was also begun on extending the sealing of the Innkanal upstream. With the positive approval decision, the demanding process of finalising the plans for expanding and increasing the efficiency of the Jettenbach-Töging hydropower plant was successfully completed. More in our press release

Project office for the Töging renovation

Iconic view of the new Töging power plant

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Construction progress in Töging 2019-2020

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Impressions of the power plant construction site at Töging April 2019

Laying of the foundation stone for the new Töging power plant

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Image from the Location

Owner VERBUND Innkraftwerke GmbH
Type Run-of-river power plant
Country Germany
Region Bavaria
Waters Inn
Fish bypass

The project currently being applied for envisages the construction of a new weir in Jettenbach with an increase of 70 cm in the final level, the corresponding adaptation of dams and dikes in the reservoir area, an increase of up to 70 m³/s in the volume of expansion water and the installation of three Kaplan turbines. The latter will be housed in a new power plant building whose external façade has been designed by the architects Format Elf from Töging. 

Due to the special conditions at the Töging site, the annual output will be increased by 120 GWh to a total of 685 GWh through the use of state-of-the-art machine technology. This will result in a unique increase in efficiency of over 18%. The total output of the renovated power plant on the Inn will correspond to the annual electricity consumption of around 200,000 Bavarian households.

Hydro consulting from VERBUND
Environmental protection at VERBUND

Extensive supporting ecological measures will improve the overall ecology of this section of the river:

  • Creation of still waters as spawning grounds and fish habitats
  • Establishment of downstream continuity for fish on the Jettenbach
  • Meadow development at the embankments to promote biodiversity
  • Creation of reptile habitats
  • Structural and hydromorphological improvements
Responsible treatment of the environment