Werfen-Pfarrwerfen power plant

The run-of-river power plant is located on the Salzach and in the municipal district of Werfen and Pfarrwerfen.

Alongside St. Johann, Urreiting, Bischofshofen and Kreuzbergmaut, it is the fifth hydropower plant on the Middle Salzach to have been constructed together with Salzburg AG. A total of 375 million kWh of electricity is generated every year in this way and about 84,000 households supplied. The Salzach power plant was completed in 2009 with an investment volume of 63.5 million euros. More than 2.3 million euros were spent on the planning and implementation of ecological measures in the reservoir and tailrace areas.
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Image from the Location

Owner VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH, Salzburg AG
Operator Salzburg AG
Commissioning 2009
Type Run-of-river power plant
Country Austria
Region Salzburg
Waters Salzach
Output 16 MW
Annual output 76,500 MWh
Turbine Kaplan
Connectivity Fish bypass
Environmental protection at VERBUND

Ecology & environmental protection

The fish bypass was implemented at the same time as the construction of the power plant. According to the state of the art, it consists of a natural stream, but for the most part a vertical slot pass. The fish bypass has a total length of 350 metres.
Responsible treatment of the environment

The hydropower plant has an output of 16.5 megawatts and generates around 76.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, which flows into the regional grid. This makes a considerable contribution to electricity supply security across the region, because around 22,000 households on average can be supplied with environmentally friendly energy.

Turbines and generators: two powerful Kaplan bulb turbines generate an annual average of 76.5 GWh.