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Our group strategy is based on digital transformations in the energy sector with the aim of satisfying the rise in online activities. The transition on the energy market, the requirements posed by new renewable energies, the increased threat of cyber attacks and the changes in the world of work continuously influence our technology strategy.

Managers and employees of various IT departments in conversation.

Digital Technology - IT, Telecom & Security

We are responsible for all aspects of digitalisation, information security, IT and telecommunication technology. Whether basic infrastructure, assisting various IT topics or supporting initiatives across the entire VERBUND Group – we steer technology projects involving the very latest topics and head into the future with one clearly defined vision. IoT, digital power plants and Security Operation Centres are just a few of the interesting projects.

"We are leading the way in the area of cybersecurity for critical infrastructure. Together, we are shaping the future and setting new standards."


sites in Austria and abroad

IT demand processes

for the introduction new, digital products in the year


data records per day, in the SOC


in Digital Technology - IT, Telecom & Security

Areas of activity

  • Innovation & New Business

  • Implementation

  • Information Security

  • Automation & Scaling

  • Operations & Monitoring

  • Support IT & Telecom

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Innovation & New Business

Innovation and progress are key principles at VERBUND. Our IT specialists – in product management, IT and security architecture and process management – work together on the research and implementation of ideas throughout our innovation process.
The goal is to ensure technical and economic feasibility. Our collaborative approach creates an innovative environment which gives rise to solutions that meet customer expectations and offer added value.


In order to develop and implement innovative solutions in the energy industry, specialists from various disciplines work closely together at VERBUND. Developers, designers (UX), data scientists and AI engineers combine their skills to create efficient, sustainable and safe solutions for the generation and use of energy. This gives rise to products that are not only technically outstanding, but also meet the specific requirements of the energy sector.

Information Security

Information security is of paramount importance at VERBUND as an operator of the country’s key critical infrastructure. The Security Operations Centre guarantees network and systems security through constant monitoring, precise analysis and rapid action.
In the "OT Cyber Security Lab", VERBUND is working on new technologies for use in controlling power plants and tests these in collaboration with numerous partners.

Automation & Scaling

Automation & scaling at VERBUND increases the efficiency, productivity and quality of the procedures in the Group. Responsible for this is the interaction of operating engineers, cloud engineers, DevOps engineers, process managers and automation engineers. The process managers identify potential automation possibilities, while the automation engineers are responsible for their technical implementation. In the area of security (SOC), the processes for this are automated in order to respond quickly to attacks and threats.

Operations & Monitoring

The team of cloud and network engineers is responsible for implementing, administering and optimising the infrastructure. Their tasks include ensuring stable and secure communication and increasing system efficiency through artificial intelligence. When it comes to operations, innovation and state-of-the-art IT architecture take top priority. Early detection of problems ensures optimal functionality and performance of the IT systems.

Support & IT Telecom

Support, IT and Telecom at VERBUND form the backbone of the Group through the provision and maintenance of the telecommunications infrastructure. The in-house expertise enables quick and efficient action in resolving incidents. The team is not only a central supporter, but also an active co-shaper in the value chain, from planning to operational management. The importance of the IT and telecommunications infrastructure can be seen in large industrial projects like Limberg 3.

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