Complex technical skills: so that our facilities run optimally

In our technical areas, we ensure the operation of our impressive facilities.

The technical employees operate and monitor the highly efficient plants. In doing so, they comply with all the safety- and industrial law-related regulations and guidelines. During unusual operating scenarios, malfunctions or in the event of imminent danger, all necessary measures are taken.

Our team includes experts in the fields of electrical engineering, metal technology, mechanical engineering and civil engineering:

Production engineers:

The duties include the annual inspection and repair and maintenance work on the power plant facilities. Our production engineers arrange for all operating and renewal tasks in the respective facility area. In doing so, they plan, coordinate and supervise all necessary work, carry out weak point analyses and improvement measures, and prepare medium-term plans and the budget.

Construction maintenance:

Top experts in this area plan structural and civil engineering maintenance measures and carry them out. They analyse the plant condition, carry out troubleshooting and damage assessments and plan all problem solving measures. For this purpose they prepare maintenance and renewal strategies and take care of servicing and inspections.

Maintenance project management:

Maintenance, renovation and new building projects are planned and handled by experienced colleagues. From conceptualisation and cost calculation, to the approval procedure and tendering, and on to the implementation and the delivery when the project is completed. The project managers for maintenance represent the project both internally (operations, project steering) and externally (authorities, local residents). With increasing experience they can take on more and more complex projects and lead entire teams.

Civil engineers for supervising dams:

These colleagues look after our dams and have the responsibility for these sensitive facilities. They draw up static calculations and are involved in general engineering tasks. They frequently work both in the high mountains and underground in dams, tunnels and caverns.

Other specialist fields:

  • Plant group management
  • System support
  • Central control station operators
  • Telecommunications technology
  • Cableway specialists
  • Machinist / equipment management