Gars Run-of-River Power Plant

The Gars power plant is a run-of-river power plant on the Inn River in the Upper Bavarian municipality of the same name.

Technical Description 

The Gars power plant was built between 1935 and 1938. In the course of the construction, the Gars bridge on the river Inn had to be raised by 2.5 m above the planned median water level. Five vertical axis Kaplan turbines with 3.9 metre rotor diameter generate an average annual output of around 126 GWh. A fish ladder has also been planned for the Gabersdorf power plant.

Image from the Location

Owner VERBUND Innkraftwerke GmbH
Operator VERBUND Innkraftwerke GmbH
Commissioning 1938
Type Run-of-river power plant
Country Germany
Region Bavaria
Waters Inn
Output 25 MW
Annual output 125,640 MWh
Turbine Kaplan
Connectivity Fish ladder present