The Inn River

The water of the Inn travels around 517 km from its source at the Maloja Pass in the Swiss canton of Grisons to its confluence with the Danube near Passau. This makes the Inn the longest Alpine river.

The Inn is the energy source for VERBUND's hydropower plants in Bavaria. Its water provides huge amounts of clean electricity from renewable hydropower. This lightens the load on the climate and the environment. The backwater area between Rosenheim and Feldkirchen features numerous conservation areas and biotopes.

The possibilities for the renaturation of a large river like the Inn are therefore very limited. Attempts are therefore made to create as many alternative habitats for aquatic organisms as possible, in order to be able to replicate as many habitat requirements in the main river, floodplain waterbodies or bypass waterbodies as possible. More information on the measures can be found on the website of the Federal Environment Agency (German only).

Current information on the Inn water levels

Information about inflows and flood warnings on the Danube and its tributaries can be found on the sites of the Water Level News Service Bavaria and the Office of the Upper Austrian Provincial Government:

Flood Information Water Level News Service Bavaria

Hydrographic Service Upper Austria


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