Gars Power Unit

*Source: ENTSO-E Production 2017

VERBUND invested in the expansion of the existing Gars power plant and thus in the expansion of Bavarian hydropower with the construction of the Gars power unit. The new power unit, which has an output of 5 megawatts, can supply 3,400 households per year with clean hydroelectricity.

Today, the VERBUND power plants on the Inn are a representative cross-section of almost 100 years of power plant construction. All three main types of low-pressure power plant – diversion, bay and pier – can be found between Rosenheim and the mouth of the Salzach. With the canal power plant at Töging, VERBUND also has the most important plant of Bavaria’s early run-of-river power plants, which made a considerable and sustainable contribution to the economic development of southern Germany.
The Gars power plant is equipped with a machine set (5 MW) comprising a Kaplan turbine and generator, and generates an annual average of 43.6 GWh of electricity from renewable hydropower.