Gries project on the Salzach River

The new Gries run-of-river power plant is being built on the Salzach River in the municipality of Gries in the Pinzgau region.

The section of the Salzach between Bruck and Taxenbach has a very good natural slope. This means that the facility in the city district of Gries near Bruck an der Glocknerstrasse can be built very gently with regard to the river ecology.

Already in the planning phase the project partners VERBUND and Salzburg AG are working closely with the renowned Salzburg Institute of Ecology. The impact on nature will be held to a minimum during the construction phase.

Project details

Max. flow

115 m³/s

Drop height

8.9 m


2 Kaplan bulb turbines

Total investment

€ 60 million

Start of construction


Collaborative launch of Gries project

Groundbreaking for the Gries joint-venture power plant
Collaborative groundbreaking with provincial governor Wilfried Haslauer and project partner Salzburg AG

August 2018: First electricity from Gries

Kaplan impeller being lowered into the power plant on a crane hook
Since the middle of August, for the first time Machine 2 has been generating electricity for the grid. Prior to this, the concrete structure was completed the end of July and the weir system with all its safety components was put into operation. On 14 August, damming of the Salzach River was begun.