Full of curves and breathtakingly beautiful

Austria's highest dam is located at 1,933 m - the Kölnbrein Dam. Just getting there is already an adventure: A thrilling ride along the 14.4 km long Malta Hochalmstrasse Panoramic Road, characterised by rock tunnels and hairpin turns.


Closed in winter! Our excursion destination is open from 04.May 2019.

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Opening hours

May 11th - October 26th 2018

Monday to Sunday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Toll charge

1 day

3 weeks



€ 11.00

€ 17.00



€ 19.50

€ 27.00

€ 95.00

Bus (15 or more persons) adults

€ 6.00



Bus (15 or more persons) children

€ 4.00



Limitations for touring coaches: max. 3.85 m height (with support vehicle up to 4.1 m), 14 m length.

Carinthia Card

With the Carinthia Card, use of the Malta Hochalmstrasse panoramic road is free of charge. Accompanying passengers without a Carinthia Card pay € 5.00/person. If you spend the night at mountain huts or inns along the Malta Hochalmstrasse, you also receive discounts. Be sure to inquire of your host beforehand. Later reimbursement is not possible.

Facts and figures

Length of road

14.4 km

Hairpin turns




Altitude of the reservoir

1.933 m

Dam length

626 m

Dam height

200 m

The reservoir stores a total of 200 million m3 of water - at a height of 200 m, the Kölnbreinsperre is the tallest dam in Austria. You can explore its inner workings during a dam tour.

More information about the power plants in the Mölltal Valley (German only)

Airwalk - an exceptional view

This opportunity is one you won't have often: to stand on a glass surface with an unobstructed view 200 m straight down into the abyss, and all around a breathtaking view of the high alpine landscape of the Upper Tauern mountains.

Only on the Airwalk can you experience all facets of the Kölnbrein dam's architecture: when the wall curves over your head and the massive body made of 2 million m3 of concrete spreads out before you - incidentally nearly the volume of the Cheops pyramid (2.6 million m3).

An aerial adventure of a different kind

Deep within Austria's largest dam

At 200 m height and 626 m width, the Kölnbreinsperre Dam is Austria's largest dam. During peak times, 200 million m3 of water are dammed up behind it, enough to fill bathtubs for 1.4 billion people (20% of the world's population).

The technical data is monitored daily at 2,500 measuring points. During a dam tour, you have the opportunity to learn more about electricity generation and get to know the inside of the dam.

Tours take place every full hour (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and last approx. one hour. The meeting place is directly at the shop in the Berghotel Malta, where you also get the tickets. We request that you notify us in advance of groups of 15 or more persons.



€ 7.50

Children (up to 5 years)

free of charge

Children (6 to 15 years)

School pupil groups

€ 4.00



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