A winding road with views of the Zillertal mountain scenery

The Schlegeis Alpenstrasse Alpine Road leads to a breathtaking high mountain region. Along the 13.3 km long route, waterfalls, natural stone tunnels and many a glacial view await. For true bikers, getting there is more than half the fun - and everyone else can look forward to the emerald green reservoir and a pure mountain experience at the destination.


The Schlegeis Alpine Road is open. We are looking forward to your visit!

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Opening hours

18th May - 26th October 2018

Monday to Sunday, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Toll charge

1 day

Block of 3

Block of 10


€ 8.50




€ 12.50

€ 31.00

€ 98.00

Bus (15 or more persons)

€ 3.20 per person

The Schlegeis Alpine Road is regulated by traffic lights, waiting time does not exceed 15 minutes. The height limitation for buses is 3.60 metres.

Public service bus

Christophorus Reisen offers a public service bus from Mayrhofen to Schlegeis.

Current schedule for bus line 4102

Facts and Figures

Length of road

13.3 km

Hairpin turns




Altitude of the reservoir

1,800 m

Dam width

725 m

Dam height

131 m

The reservoir stores a total of 126.5 million m3 of water - the Schlegeis Dam is VERBUND's longest, at 725 m. You can check out its inner workings with a dam tour.

More information on the power plants in the Zillertal Valley


A look behind the scenes of electricity generation

Check out the inner workings of the 725 m wide and 131 m high Schlegeis Dam. The one-hour tour inside the Schlegeis Dam is offered every full hour between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. from June to October.

Our knowledgeable staff offers you the rare opportunity to get to know the inner workings of the 131 m tall, double-curved arch-gravity dam. You walk into the first inspection walkway of the 725 m long dam, the longest that VERBUND has. Our guides are eager to explain the complicated technical measuring and control devices in the dam in a way that you can understand.

Meeting place and registration for the tour at the marked meeting point in front of the Bergrestaurant Schlegeis. This is also where you get the tickets for your tour beforehand. We request that you notify us in advance of groups of 15 or more persons.



€ 5.50

Children (up to 5 years)

free of charge

Children (6 to 15 years)

€ 3.00

Schlegeis dam tour

The VERBUND Mayrhofen Info Centre is located directly next to the power plant in the village of Mayrhofen. The exhibit offers interesting facts relating to electricity generation in the Zillertal Valley and is open all year from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., free of charge.

Power plant tours

The perfect combination for knowledge transfer is linking a tour of the Mayrhofen power plant with a tour of the Schlegeis Dam. For groups we will be glad to put together an individual programme.

VERBUND Mayrhofen Info Centre