Arnstein Power Plant: the Hidden Jewel

The Arnstein power plant offers guided tours for interested groups and the "Arnstein Learning Garden", an initiative of the Lipizzanerheimat Energy Forum and the VERBUND Electricity School.

Hidden in the dreamy Teigitsch rift valley, the structure built in the 1920's radiates a romantic charm. In age-appropriate workshops, young people can experience electricity on a large and small scale. Due to renovations and modernisation, a large room, formerly the 60 kV switching station, became available. The stations featuring electromagnetism, sources of energy, power circuits and photovoltaics make a tour of the power plant an ideal excursion for school groups.


Energieforum Steiermark

Rudolf Schwarz 

T +43 (0)699 11 61 78 70


Arnstein and the power plants of the Teigitsch Group

The Arnstein power plant lies at the end of the power plant chain of the Pack and Teigitsch reservoirs.

Arnstein storage power plant

VERBUND hydropower plants

The VERBUND power plants in Styria

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