Modern training. To secure your child's future

Your child's professional future is naturally important to you. You'd like your child to have a quality education for a secure future?

Then an apprenticeship at VERBUND is just the thing. Every year we take on new apprentices at our locations in Austria and Germany.

VERBUND offers various apprenticeship occupations. Your child can choose one of several dual apprenticeships:

With this type of training, your child can learn two professions at the same time within four years.

Another alternative we offer is an apprenticeship in "Surveying technology".

How does the apprenticeship training proceed at VERBUND?

VERBUND apprentices in the classroom

Your child will have his or her practical and theoretical training at one of our apprentice workshops (in Austria: Ybbs-Persenbeug or Kaprun, in Germany Toeging am Inn). Your child will garner his or her first professional experience when working directly at one of our power plants. For up to ten weeks per apprenticeship year your child will attend the vocational school.

Which costs are involved in the apprenticeship training?


VERBUND covers the costs for the apprentice residences at the apprentice workshops and at the vocational schools in Austria (Amstetten and Salzburg) during the vocational school training. In addition, VERBUND pays two thirds of the cost of meals. In Germany (Altötting), VERBUND supports alternative housing options.

Is there a recreational programme at the apprentice residences?


Yes. Alongside the training, we also attach great importance to meaningful leisure activities. We offer your child workshops, sports opportunities or visits to the cinema, for example. With this, we encourage a sense of community and social cohesion above and beyond the technical training.

Who supervises the apprentices?


Supervisors who have pedagogical experience in addition to their professional skills. They are the first points of contact for professional and personal questions. In addition, the apprentices are always part of a group alongside other apprentices in the same or other apprenticeship years.

Have you got more questions about an apprenticeship at VERBUND?

You can find answers here: Frequently asked questions about apprenticeships 
We will be glad to answer your questions on +43 (0)50313-54155. You are also welcome to send your questions by e-mail.