Projects: new-build projects and revitalisation projects

In the next two years, we will invest over 3 billion euros in Austria and Europe in the areas of hydropower, wind and solar power and green hydrogen, as well as in the expansion of the necessary high-performance grids. We give you an overview of our key projects here.

Pumped storage power plant Limberg III: even more power for the Kaprun power plant

Upon completion, Limberg 3 will be a power plant whose design is tailored very specifically to the future needs of the energy transition. With the pumped storage power plant, we are increasing the capacity in Kaprun by 240 megawatts.
Limberg 3 pumped storage power plant

Salzburg line: powerful network for renewables

The Salzburg line is the most important infrastructure project in the field of high-voltage lines. Our subsidiary Austrian Power Grid AG is safely expanding the domestic high-voltage grid with it. The lines between Salzburg and Upper Austria will thus become fit for the energy transition.
380 kV Salzburg line

Riedl energy store: a project of the energy transition

The Riedl energy store is an important element for climate protection and a sustainable energy future. The energy store is becoming an important supporting pillar for the storage of solar electricity generated in the region and thus essential for a successful energy transition and a secure supply of green electricity. With the construction of the 300 MW storage facility, Bavaria’s pumped storage capacity will increase by more than 50% and the state’s electricity storage capacities by more than 70%.
Riedl energy store
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