Power plants at VERBUND: Sun, wind and hydropower

As the largest energy company in Austria and a leading operator of hydropower plants in Bavaria, we are well aware of our responsibility. We supply millions of people safely with the energy essential for life – hydropower being our strongest pillar. We manage our plants efficiently and protect the environment and climate in the production of electricity from hydropower.

Laufkraftwerk Ybbs-Persenbeug Luftaufnahme

Run-of-river power plants

Land of mountains, land of rivers - Austria’s topography makes it the ideal place for generating energy from renewable sources. Hydropower plays a special role in this. We have this fact to thank for our lasting success: More than 95% of VERBUND electricity comes from hydropower, supplemented with wind power and photovoltaics. We have 130 hydropower plants in Austria and Germany. That makes us one of the leading European producers of electricity from hydropower. That bring us ever closer to the goal of producing our electricity completely free of CO2. We are modernising existing hydropower plants as an environmentally friendly way to increase their productivity.

Pumped storage power plants

The VERBUND pumped storage power plants play an important role for the energy future as “Europe’s green battery”. They currently offer the best technology for storing electricity. In this regard, we also respond to the growing need for energy with efficiency increases.
Kleiner Mühldorfer See

Storage power plants

Storage power plants are the traditional reservoirs of hydropower. The melting snow fills the reservoirs in the warmer months and covers the electricity requirement at peak times, above all in winter. Water is the most effect and natural energy store in the high mountains.
Mellach Gas Kombi Kraftwerk

Thermal power plants

Thermal power continues to be an essential pillar for the security of supply. Unlike hydropower, it is available only as required at the press of a button. With our modern gas power plant in Mellach, we support the electricity grid and even out fluctuations between consumption and demand.
Windpark Bruck

Wind power

Wind power accounts for much of the growth when it comes to the future of renewable energy. Our wind parks in Austria, Germany and Romania reliable supply green electricity from wind.


Photovoltaics supply electricity for large-scale facilities and for private households. In order to make the energy transition a success, an enormous expansion is required. We offer solutions for industry, commerce and households.
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Visitor centres

Visit one of our power plants and take a look behind the scenes of electricity generation.