Electricity from hydropower

The cold water makes its way through massive mountain rock, crossing national borders and overcoming obstacles – the power of the water seems boundless.

That is why hydropower remains the core of the “renewable energy family” to this day. Its high level of efficiency makes it the most efficient generation technology there is. It also has a small CO2 footprint: More than 180 million tonnes of emissions are avoided in Europe each year through the use of hydropower.

Our hydropower plants

In Austria, around two thirds of all electricity comes from hydropower. The vast majority of this comes from VERBUND power plants. We are also the biggest generator of electricity from hydropower in Bavaria. In Austria and Germany, we produce 33 billion kWh of electricity per year. With decades of experience in the planning, construction and operation of run-of-river and storage power plants, we have acquired a global reputation as a hydropower specialist.

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Hydropower: near-natural and sustainable

Hydropower is the driving force of the energy future – VERBUND therefore takes its responsibility for nature very seriously. Our experts keep rivers clean and continuously take measures to protect the environment. Together with public and private institutions, we are improving the habitats along the country’s waterways. We are improving conservation and diversity in and along our rivers.

Hydropower: Clean energy for generations

Land of mountains, land of rivers – Austria’s diverse topography makes it the ideal place for generating energy from renewable sources. The development of hydropower was the foundation stone for Austria’s economic success story. We have these circumstances to thank for our lasting success: Thanks to hydropower, VERBUND is today the leading domestic power company and one of the climate-friendliest producers of electricity in Europe.

Visitor centre

Visit one of our hydropower plants and discover how sustainable electricity is produced.