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The maintenance and securing of our facilities guarantees the success of VERBUND. As the Kaprun/Salzach power plant group, we are responsible for all power plants within Salzburg and on the scene very quickly in emergencies. Together, we’re redesigning the energy transition and already working with lots of energy for the energy of tomorrow.

With our powerful storage power plants, we in the power plant group Kaprun-Salzach stand for the security of supply with green electricity – far beyond the borders. In total, nine VERBUND hydropower plants are managed in the province from the headquarters of the power plant group in Kaprun. There are a further six power plants that are operated with a partner. Apart from operational management, monitoring and maintenance of the facilities, our employees on site also remedy malfunctions in the power plants.

“Some of our power plants can only be reached on foot. Helicopters can therefore be used for outages during the winter.”


is the height of one of the dams in Kaprun

million euros

are being invested in the construction of Limberg III

million kWh

of green electricity are generated each year

The core tasks of the power plant group Kaprun-Salzach include securing the VERBUND power plant facilities in the federal province of Salzburg. This is done through maintenance measures and inspections. Our employees in the power plant group maintain the machines and put new equipment into operation. To prevent outages and counteract technical faults, they work in shifts. Only in this way can plant availability be guaranteed in emergencies as well.
The future is in our hands. In order to make the energy transition possible by 2030, a strong team with vision, commitment and courage is needed. When difficult weather conditions lead to outages at the power plants, this can have serious impacts on the power supply. The VERBUND power plant group Kaprun-Salzach therefore not only retains an overview of the power plant facilities, but also coordinates important deployments and is active on site as a problem-solver and facilitator.

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