As a trainee at VERBUND

The best foundation for a successful start to your professional future: superbly organised on-the-job training, accompanied by customised further training and supported by experienced mentors.

Are you motivated, committed and ready to help shape the future of Austria’s electricity supply? We offer you the best foundation for this – take your opportunity for an energetic start to your future career with our trainee programme.

We do not have any trainee options at the moment, but can offer a wide range of attractive jobs with excellent prospects. Explore our vacancies or send a speculative application to VERBUND.

Maria Zisser, university graduate in media informatics and VERBUND trainee

“The VERBUND trainee programme was an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience in a top Austrian company after my computer science studies. The seminars and further training opportunities tailored to my personality were a special opportunity that I enjoyed taking advantage of. The three trainee positions in different areas and companies not only enabled me to expand my knowledge of electricity generation, transport, international trade and sales but also to make important contacts. For me, the trainee programme for professional, and personal development was the right decision.”

Florian Pazour, electronics and technical informatics, technical college graduate and VERBUND trainee

“After I graduated high school, I was faced with the decision in which industry I wanted to work. I had the opportunity to apply to smaller companies but also to large groups that offer trainee programmes. The VERBUND trainee programme gives me the opportunity to gain first work experiences in a corporate setting as part of a three-phase programme in different fields and with different areas of responsibility, without having to immediately jump in at the deep end and decide on one speciality. Another great advantage was that I was able to choose the phases myself, thereby shaping my own path according to my interests. I learned a lot from my colleagues and now know exactly how I want to shape my professional career going forward.”

Philip Djakovic, electrical engineering and information technology graduate and VERBUND trainee

“In the VERBUND trainee programme, I was able to combine both aspects of my education really well, namely computer science and electrical engineering. Getting an insight into the electricity business and taking on varied, exciting tasks were part of the daily programme. I enjoyed the opportunity of working in many different fields, which inevitably gave me an enriching experience in just a short amount of time. During this programme, I particularly benefited from my colleagues’ practical knowledge. Thanks to the countless interesting training courses and workshops the programme offers, I was able to grow professionally and personally. Wonderful employees and other benefits such as the “Fit & Healthy” service VERBUND offers completed my trainee programme experience.”

Ludwig Furtner, business informatics graduate and VERBUND trainee

“Towards the end of my studies, I decided to participate in the trainee programme because it offers many valuable opportunities for continuing education and gives me the possibility to get more insight into several different areas in IT. I was accepted into a company where not only the professional competence is at very high level, but human interactions are excellent, too. I am of the opinion that the openness and cordiality with which I was received in my different trainee stations at VERBUND is no longer a given today nor is the patient way in which they imparted knowledge, skills and a professional approach to tasks, which had been completely unknown to me until then.