Knowledge transfer on the topic of hydropower

The extensive VERBUND Energy World exhibition in the building of the Berghotel Malta*** or a guided tour through the interior of the Kölnbreinsperre dam will give you a great overview of all aspects of hydroelectric power generation.

Impressions of Energy World Malta

Guided tour into the Kölnbrein dam

Staumauerführung Kölnbreinsperre
Deep into the interior of Austria’s biggest dam

With a height of 200 metres and a width of 626 metres, the Kölnbreinsperre dam is the largest dam in Austria. At peak times, it holds back 200 million m³ of water, which could be used to fill a bathtub for 1.4 billion people (20% of the world’s population).

Technical values are monitored daily at 2,500 measuring points. A tour of the dam gives you the opportunity to learn more about electricity generation and explore the inside of the dam.

The guided tours are held daily from 10 am to 5 pm and last about an hour. The meeting place is right outside the shop in the Berghotel Malta, where you can also purchase tickets for the tours. 




€ 8.00

Children (up to 5 years free

Children (6 to 15 years)/groups of schoolchildren

€ 5.00

We ask you to register groups of 15 persons or more with us.

Offers for group enquiries can be found here.

Impressions of the dam tour