Working at VERBUND: personally responsible, diverse

As Austria’s leading energy company, we rely on the power of water, wind and sun as well as future technologies like no other in Europe. That needs a committed team which works intensively on the entire energy value chain with our subsidiaries and partners.

At VERBUND, we work primarily to change something and help shape the sustainable energy future:

  • We always search for the best ideas, no matter who comes up with them. We want to appeal to people who proceed together with us. With lived inclusion, we create an interesting and liveable work environment for many people.
  • We assume that a green future is possible for everyone. We believe in a future that will be powered solely by renewable energy. We believe that we can succeed in largely suppressing greenhouse gas emissions to limit global heating. 
  • We are expanding renewable energies. By 2030, we will generate, transport and store electricity from hydropower, wind power and solar power as well as green hydrogen in ever increasing quantities that have never been seen before.In this way, we are making a big contribution to the security of supply and to our independence from fossil sources of energy. 
  • We are combating the climate crisis and working for a healthy planet. To achieve this, we are advancing the energy transition – together with politics, industry, business and the people of this country. We welcome everyone who would like to join in our efforts.

We help to save the Earth – our habitat.

We accept responsibility. 

We change. 

We connect. 

We are the power of the transition.

We lead the way.

Working together on solutions for the future

Our offer ranges from electricity generation to transport and from trading to distribution. Our professional disciplines are just as diverse.

Our employees are important to us. It matters to us very much that we support them as well as we can throughout their working life at VERBUND. That extends from the beginning of the application process right through to retirement.

Developing solutions for the ecological, social and economic challenges of the future requires joint action. Which is why we rely on learning from one another and collaborating in interdisciplinary teams.

Accepting responsibility

Our collaboration is based on a high degree of self-responsibility, mutual respect and acting with integrity. 

Sustainability and behaving responsibly towards society, the environment and the economy go hand in hand for us. All topics for which we take responsibility as a company, employees and managers are compiled in our Code of Conduct for sustainable corporate governance. 

To imbue the code with life, the contribution of every single employee is also requested: 

  • We treat each other appreciatively and with respect.
  • We use our ideas and qualifications
  • We communicate openly and clearly and encourage constructive criticism and a willingness to innovate
  • We change our perspective by assessing new situations as “different” or “unknown” and not as “better” or “worse”
  • We are open and unprejudiced and show interest in new culture and influences

Living diversity, equality and inclusion 

We are proud about the diversity of our VERBUND employees. We want more diversity, equality and inclusion, so that everyone can feel they belong to and are part of our company. It doesn’t matter where they come from, who they love, what their beliefs, how old they are, whether or not they have a disability, what their gender is or which spectrum they fall within.

Diversity – into the future with more variety!

Diversity and inclusion are essential components of our corporate culture. Living diversity and actively helping to shape it are essential for this – our diversity strategy is the foundation of this approach and is based on annual topics that enable us to focus on individual topics like gender balance and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Gender balance 

For us, the gender balance is about much more than just promoting women. It’s about creating balance in all areas of the company in order to get the best of the labour market for us and our mission as well as to support our customers in the best way possible. We live a culture that enables career opportunities and the reconciliation of family & work for men and women alike.

Inclusion of people with disabilities

We want to include and not merely integrate people with disabilities in the VERBUND world of work. Including people with disabilities as well as possible needs appropriate supporting conditions – an accessible office (structural accessibility), accessible IT systems (digital accessibility) and above all open and aware colleagues and managers (lived accessibility).

Constantly improving

To live up to all these values, we regularly examine our status quo in various audits and certifications (e.g. Great Place to Work, Zukunft Vielfalt, berufundfamilie).
Diversity Management is a practised reality at VERBUND – proven by the fact that we are certified by TÜV AUSTRIA. We pay attention to our employees and anchor diverse corporate value in our processes. The independent "TÜV AUSTRIA Diversity Management Certificate" confirms precisely that.
By signing up to and implementing the “Diversity Charter”, we also commit ourselves to appreciating everyone with whom we have a relationship.

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