#Proceeding together. My power plant. My apprenticeship.

Embark on your training as a power plant operator in the field of Electrical Engineering and Metals Technology today and shine with 2 qualifications after just 4 years.

Be inspired and convince yourself of our training to become a power plant operator in Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol, Carinthia and Styria. Curious about your unique workplace?

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#vorangehen (#proceed) – embark on your future with energy! 
Become an apprentice at VERBUND in the field of electrical engineering and metals technology! 

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Current apprenticeships 2024

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My wind farm. My apprenticeship.

We also have spectacular training for you at lofty heights!

To our apprenticeships

We want more. For Austria, customers, us. We are the power for renewable energy. If someone is to shape the future, then let it be us. So let's proceed courageously together! Each of us. After all, we’re VERBUND.

 VERBUND works around the clock to ensure a safe and clean power supply from renewable energies. Almost 100% of our electricity comes from climate-friendly hydropower, supplemented with wind and solar energy. VERBUND has always been a pioneer for renewable energy: As one of Europe’s largest energy companies, we’ve played an important role in shaping the energy future for over 70 years. 

Your mission

Secure the electricity supply for your home with clean electricity generated entirely from hydropower! As an apprentice, you’ll play an important role in this.

Your apprenticeship. Your power plant.

Your training in detail

1st year of training:

  • theoretical and practical basic training
  • at one of the apprentice workshops in Kaprun or Ybbs-Persenbeug
  • up to 10 weeks/year at the vocational college in Salzburg, Hallein or Amstetten

2nd year of training:

  • work experience in the power plant
  • Modular training at one of the apprentice workshops in Kaprun or Ybbs-Persenbeug for 6 to 8 weeks
  • up to 10 weeks/year at the vocational college in Salzburg, Hallein or Amstetten

3rd and 4th year of training:

  • work experience in the power plant
  • programming and visualisation of complex systems
  • with the latest memory-programmable controllers
  • deepening of the knowledge in various training modules at the 
  • apprentice workshops in Kaprun or Ybbs-Persenbeug
  • up to 10 weeks/year at the vocational college in Salzburg, Hallein or Amstetten
  • Examination preparations

Your tasks include the installation, testing, initial operation, controlling, maintenance and repair of power plant systems as well as systems for energy supply and energy distribution.

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Your training in detail

Training in mechanical engineering:

  • principles of mechanical engineering in theory and practice
  • turning and milling (conventional and CNC technology)
  • various welding methods
  • basic knowledge of pneumatics and hydraulics
  • computer-aided technical drawing

Electrical engineering training:

  • principles of electrical engineering in theory and practice
  • installation technology
  • control technology incl. PLC programming
  • protective measures
  • various measuring and testing methods

Safety at work:

  • work materials and work equipment 
  • fire safety
  • hazards and correct conduct in the work environment 
  • and others 

Digitalisation in the world of work:

  • Industry 4.0/E-Learning
  • Working with state-of-the-art machinery
  • Digital aids in everyday learning – each trainee receives, for example, an iPad for their training and for use in their free time
  • exercises with future tools such as robots and 3D printers

Our power plant operators will be happy to show you our unique workplaces in the power plant world...

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The new apprentice lodgings in Ybbs

A modern apprenticeship needs the right learning environment. With these attractive apprentice lodgings, we are expanding the apprentice workshop into an all-round training centre. The energy transition needs the best minds with first-class training.

Apprentice lodgings and training centre
With a direct view of the Danube, the apprentice lodgings will be built in an attractive location on VERBUND's own land near the power plant. The ground floor will be built in solid concrete. The two floors above that will be built in a sustainable timber construction. A park-like area between the workshop and lodgings is intended to bring the two buildings of the apprentice training centre together by creating the feeling of being on a campus. Both in the outdoor areas with terrace and inside the building, zones of communication and retreat alternate. An in-house fitness room is available for leisure pursuits. There are 42 single rooms, including three wheelchair-accessible rooms, as well as seminar rooms to also allow seminars to be held for further education measures throughout the company. If necessary, the works kitchen can be opened up into a large event hall for 200 participants. 

More information about apprenticeships

This training will make you fit for the challenge ahead!

With us, you also get:

  • Five weeks leave per calendar year
  • Accident insurance that protects you both at work and in your free time
  • Free overnight accommodation at the training workshops in Kaprun or Ybbs-Persenbeug
  • For your travels between your hometown and to the training workshop or vocational school you receive the Klimaticket public transport ticket which you may also use in your free time
  • A bonus for doing well at vocational school and in examinations 
  • Perks for difficult work or high workloads
  • Many other social benefits, such as a Christmas bonus and discounted lunch

Apprentice wage

according to collective agreement 2023 per month, gross plus allowance(s):

  • 1st year of training: €   900.00
  • 2nd year of training: €1,122.00
  • 3rd year of training: €1,458.00
  • 4th year of training: €1,925.00
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Would you like to have a taster first?

On our Taster Days, you can get to know our professions and get detailed information about the apprenticeships. You can also get in contact with us in person and speak with our apprentices at trade fairs and events. You can find information on events, dates and venues under Event Calendar and Taster Days.

Do you have any more questions about an apprenticeship at VERBUND?

You can find further information on the apprenticeships under Our Apprenticeship in the power plants.
You can find answers under Frequently Asked Questions on Apprenticeships.
We are here to answer your questions on tel. +43 (0)50313-54155. You are also welcome to send us your questions by email.
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