The Enns River

At 254 km length, the Enns, which has its source in the Radst├Ątter Tauern mountains and flows into the Danube near Enns, is the longest river entirely within Austria.

The Enns, a 254 km long southern tributary of the Danube and the main river in northwest Styria, is a typical whitewater river of the northern Eastern Alps and has the fifth-largest catchment area in Austria (6080 km2).

Hydropower plants on the Enns

The Enns water is used in multiple ways: in the upper reaches, the Enns supplies water for storage power plants, and in the lower Enns valley, the Ennskraftwerke AG (with a 50% VERBUND share) constructed ten run-of-river power plants (Schoenau, Weyer, Grossraming, Losenstein, Ternberg, Rosenau, Garsten-St. Ulrich, Staning, Mühlrading and St. Pantaleon).