The Enns River

At 254 km length, the Enns, which has its source in the Radstätter Tauern mountains and flows into the Danube near Enns, is the longest river entirely within Austria.

Storage power on the Enns

In the upper reaches of the Enns, VERBUND operates storage power plants like Hieflau. The catchment area also includes the storage power plants at Salza and Sölk with their imposing dams.

Hydrography of the province of Upper Austria (German only)

Hydropower from Upper Austria

In the lower Enns valley, Ennskraftwerke AG (a 50% holding of VERBUND) constructed ten run-of-river power plants (Schönau, Weyer, Grossraming, Losenstein, Ternberg, Rosenau, Garsten-St. Ulrich, Staning, Mühlrading and St. Pantaleon).

Our power plants at the Enns

Power plant Output Annual production Initial operation Region Waterbody Turbines
Altenmarkt 26 MW 165,900 MWh 1960 Austria,Styria Enns Kaplan
Garsten-St. Ulrich 38 MW 162,500 MWh 1967 Austria,Upper Austria

Enns Kaplan
Großraming 72 MW 270,700 MWh 1950 Austria,Upper Austria Enns Kaplan
Gstatterboden 2 MW 6,880 MWh 2009 Austria,Styria

Enns Kaplan
Hieflau 63 MW 388,000 MWh 1956/2009 Austria,Styria

Enns Francis
Krippau 30 MW 173,500 MWh 1965 Austria,Styria

Enns Kaplan
Landl 25 MW 135,500 MWh 1967 Austria,Styria

Enns Kaplan
Losenstein 39 MW 170,000 MWh 1962 Austria,Upper Austria Enns Kaplan
Mühlrading 25 MW 111,800 MWh 1948 Austria,Lower Austria Enns Kaplan
Rosenau 34 MW 145,500 MWh 1953 Austria,Upper Austria Enns Kaplan
Schönau 30 MW 122,800 MWh 1972 Austria,Upper Austria Enns Kaplan
St. Pantaleon 52 MW 261,600 MWh 1966 Austria,Lower Austria Enns Francis,Kaplan
Staning 43 MW 203,200 MWh 1946 Austria,Lower Austria

Enns Kaplan
Ternberg 40 MW 169,700 MWh 1949 Austria,Upper Austria Enns Kaplan
Weyer 37 MW 159,600 MWh 1969 Austria,Upper Austria Enns Kaplan
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Image from the Location

Kraftwerk Hieflau an der Enns

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