#proceeding – with a committed team

Success needs fresh impulses: from career starters and rising stars

We also want to be successful in the future and use the power of water, wind and sun for innovative solutions. We need constant new impulses for this. We get these from our committed colleagues, who contribute to the company’s success in this way.

We are always on the search for new specialists and leading experts who help us move forwards with their ideas.
Whether pupil, student, graduand, career starter or experienced professional: we offer you opportunities to join us in the technical and commercial fields. Each of the listed vacancies has a direct link to the online application site.

VERBUND – Your stable employer

As part of the critical infrastructure, we make a big contribution to the security of supply.  

We accept responsibility and are expanding renewable energies. By 2030, we will generate, transport and store electricity from hydropower, wind power and solar power as well as green hydrogen in ever increasing quantities that have never been seen before.

Our most important capital in all of this are our employees, so our focus is on people. With our many benefits, we want to address the individual needs of our employees.
Depending on the VERBUND company, up to 3 home office days a week are possible with us. These are arranged within the team and used on either a fixed or flexible basis. Work equipment such as, for example, laptop, screen, mouse, keyboard or headset are provided for mobile work, just as you’d expect.

Our advice to applicants: Prepare everything well and keep it authentic! 

It is important to us that we support interested candidates as well as possible from the start. We have therefore summarised for you what we think makes up a really good application:

Most important to us are complete application documents. These include a cover letter, a complete CV and all graduation and any other available certificates.
Consider what makes you interesting for us. Describe your key qualifications in your cover letter. The better you address the requirements of the listed vacancy, the greater your chances of success.
Prepare yourself well for the interviews and audits and always be authentic when you’re with us. Ultimately, we would like to get to know you as you really are. That obviously includes visiting our website to learn a bit about VERBUND beforehand.

The application procedure at VERBUND

Transparent, traceable and fair – that’s important to us as an employer, including in our application procedure. We have defined a total of six key steps for you as an aid. 

1) Job site
This is where you can filter the current vacancies. Either by date, designation or location. Click on one of these fields for this. After that, click on the position you’re interested in. At the end of the requirement profile, you’ll find a link to the online application.

2) Application form and document upload 
Please complete your personal data in this area. Mandatory fields are labelled “Required”. After that, you can upload your CV, cover letter and certificates and any other documents. Mandatory fields are also labelled here accordingly. To do this, click on the “Upload file” button, select the document by double-clicking on it or clicking “Open”. Before completing your application, you must declare that you have read the data protection information. You also have the possibility to separately consent to the holding of your applicant data as proof in the applicant pool. Otherwise, your data will be deleted when the application process is completed. Finally, click on “Submit”.

3) Confirmation of your application  
Once you have completed your online application, a confirmation message will automatically be sent to your indicated email address. Please check that your details and email address are correct. After all, typos can creep in at any time. Otherwise, your application may not reach us.

4) Processing of your application  
We will check your application documents carefully and compare your qualifications against the requirement profile for the vacancy in question. When checking your data, it is possible that we will find a position that would suit you better than the one you applied for. In this case, we will contact you and, with your agreement, forward your details to the relevant department (or another group company).

5) In-person/virtual interview  
If your profile interests us and we have a suitable position for you, we will invite you to an interview in order to get to know you in person.

6) Audit  
If you impressed us in the interview, we would then like to learn even more about you in an audit, which we undertake for most of the listed vacancies. This audit comprises a committee of people from the Group companies who have advisory, co-determination or decision-making competence when it comes to filling the vacancy, as well as external persons appointed by VERBUND. The audit will give you deeper insights into our company and the listed vacancy. This is the best way for you to find out if you would like to work for us.

What we need from you: 

  • Personal data (name, contact details) 
  • Information about your educational attainments and specialism 
  • Professional experience and additional skills
  • Documents: Applications letter, CV, certificates

Current apprenticeship vacancies

Weitere Lehrstellen

We want to you know exactly what we expect from you and your application.
In order to realise your wish to do an apprenticeship at VERBUND, you should know and consider the following five steps:

  1. Documents 
    Please have all documents ready for to submit your application in our application system.

  2. Apprenticeship 
    Select the apprenticeship or the location you would like to apply for. Please indicate in your cover letter which location you are interested in. Sorry, multiple applications are not possible.

  3. Application form and application documents 
    Please fill out the application form:
    - Personal data (name, contact details)
    - Information on your graduation from school

    Please also upload the following application documents: 
    - Curriculum vitae
    - Cover letter
    - Copies of the yearly and final certificates from 5th grade to the last attended school grade

    Please check your entered details and email address carefully. After all, typos can always creep in. Otherwise, your application may not reach us.

  4. Confirmation of your application 
    Next, you will receive a confirmation of receipt at the email address you provided. 

  5. Processing of your application 
    If you and we are a good fit for each other, you will be asked to sit a theoretical and a practical test with us. You can impress us in a personal interview – and also get to know us better.