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In a catchment area of 610 square kilometres, around 100 employees use all their energy to guarantee supply in the Zillertal region. Power here lies not only in the plant, but also in every hand. Let's proceed together!

The main tasks of the Zillertal power plant group include the maintenance and servicing of all storage power plants belonging to the Zillertal.
In the VERBUND power plant group Zillertal, eight power plants secure the energy supply, of which two locations in Mayrhofen and Gerlos serve as training power plants.

“An apprentice has the possibility to accompany old technology into the digital age."

power plants

secure the energy supply in the Zillertal


secure power plant facilities and the energy supply

square kilometres

is the catchment area of the Zillertal power plant group

The activities of the Zillertal power plant group are diverse. Everything revolves around the safety of our plants. The reason for potential faults is investigated here in close consultation with all employees. In addition, new plants or machines are put into operation and inspections actively carried out.
This also includes tasks outside the power plants, such as cleaning inlet screens at stream catchments or checking kilometres-long headrace tunnels. The main goal is to constantly ensure availability of the facilities. Due to ongoing upgrades by our employees, the machine sets are always technologically up to date.

Maintaining a power plant takes time and expertise. Here, it is necessary to bundle knowledge in order to understand the different requirements of a wide range of power plants within the team and to implement them correctly.
Only because all the cogs in the team interact are we able to render the full service across the country and ensure our main task, ensuring a secure energy supply, with total pride.

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