The Drava River

The Drava is Carinthia's biggest river. VERBUND generates electricity from hydropower at ten Drava power plants.

Electricity for Carinthia. The VERBUND Drava power plants

The water from the Hohe Tauern is the biggest source of energy for the hydropower plants of VERBUND in Carinthia. The Drava, Möll and Malta as well as numerous glacial streams supply energy for valuable electricity from hydropower. When building our facilities, we create ecological niches and places of retreat. Fish passes and biotopes help to safeguard the biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Hydrographic Service of the province of Carinthia (German only)

The way is cleared for fish

The Drava power plants have been retrofitted with fish passes in recent years. The ecology of the habitats in the reservoir areas has been improved with a range of measures. We are especially proud of one record: Europe's highest fish pass is located at the Annabrücke power plant on the Drava.

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Image from the Location

Kraftwerk Schwabeck an der Drau

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