Our power plants on Austria’s waterways

Austria’s mountains and rivers make it an ideal country for hydropower. In Austria, around two thirds of the electricity comes from hydropower. Austria is one of the largest users of hydropower in Europe.

Austria is a country of many mountains and rivers, which is why hydroelectricity and Austria have always been closely connected. VERBUND has taken advantage of this very fact and thus owns highly efficient (pumped) storage power plants in the Austrian Alps and run-of-river plants on rivers in Austria and Bavaria.

The Danube, Europe's second longest river, constitutes the largest energy source for the VERUBND hydropower plants situated in Bavaria, Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Vienna. The river Drau, as the fourth longest tributary of the Danube, supplies the energy needed to feed the hydropower plants in Carinthia. In Salzburg, the river Salzach and in Styria, the rivers Enns and Mur respectively serve as energy sources. In Bavaria, all VERBUND power plants are situated on the river Inn. All of the above make VERBUND one of the largest electricity producers from hydropower in Europe.

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