Thermal power at VERBUND

Efficient gas power plants will support the energy transition for the foreseeable future. They serve mainly as a rapidly available reserve.

Einheben der Gasturbine im GDK Mellach

How does a thermal power plant work?

The fuel used is combusted to produce steam in the steam generator (boiler). The steam leaves the steam generator and flows through the guide vanes and impellers of the turbine, which drives the generator via a shaft.

The generator converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy and the generated electricity flows into the grid. The steam that leaves the turbine is condensed back into water again. This water is then returned to the steam generator and the water-steam cycle begins again.

Luftbildaufnahme des Gas-Kombi Kraftwerks in Mellach

Mellach combined cycle gas turbine power plant

VERBUND operates a combined cycle gas turbine power plant in Mellach. The most important aspect of combined cycle gas turbine power plants is that they are more efficient than thermal power plants. This advantage arises from the intelligent use of the available energy. Rapid availability makes the power plant an essential backup for supporting the electricity grid.
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Image from the Location