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The power lies in working together. Which is needed because, with 42 power plants, the VERBUND power plant group Styria is responsible for a wide range of different power plants. Whether old or new: to guarantee the VERBUND energy supply, over 100 employees work here on achieving success together. Let's proceed together and lay the groundwork for a sustainable energy supply.

In the VERBUND power plant group Styria, the population’s energy supply is ensured by 42 power plants of very different types.
The power plant group Styria is noted for a large number of smaller to medium-sized power plants.
The main tasks of the power plant group Styria include operational management, monitoring, maintenance, servicing as well as putting the power plants into initial operation and performing troubleshooting on them.

“With the help of the VERBUND dual apprenticeship, we train apprentices who are ideally qualified in all areas, whether mechanical engineering or electrotechnology. We all bear responsibility, from the apprentice to the manager of the power plant group.”


until we are able to react to malfunctions on site

Power plants

of a wide variety of types supported in Styria


ensure smooth power plant operation

The VERBUND power plant group Styria is divided into 6 master areas. A number of power plants is assigned to each area. These can be storage power plants, run-of-river power plants or even diversion power plants. Each master area has one staffed location that serves as the basis for the responsible personnel, vehicles, stores and workshops. As the VERBUND power plant group, we are also involved in inspections, revisions or necessary renovations to the control systems.
To guarantee constant availability and safe operation of the power plants, the power plant service works in 2 shifts. During the rest of the time, it is on standby. The instant malfunctions occur, we set off for the power plant.
All power plants are monitored and controlled by the central control room in Pernegg, which is staffed around the clock.

The variety of different power plants needs to be understood in order to be able to react correctly in an emergency.
Our work as power plant operators guarantees the energy supply and covers the needs of our customers and partners.

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